Research Driven Products

We build sophisticated products and platforms for analyzing and managing any kind of data objects at massive scale. Our main products achieve high performance, high detection rates of any malicious components with high accuracy and low false alarms.
Below is the list of our current product solutions:

Lawful Intercept

Our solution for Lawful Intercept has been designed to answer to all operational problems of police officers during any investigation. Compliant with international ETSI standards, our product can support any 2G, 3G, 4G (VOLTE) networks. Our Lawful Interception product has been used to intercept target communications (voice and data) by Law Enforcement Agencies for many years.

Cyber Intelligence

Our cyber intelligence solutions provide multiple device infection and data extraction tools for a variety of operating systems (Oss) and device types. Our cyber intelligence solutions are tightly integrated with both our field and our network intelligence systems.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Equipped with High Technologies, OSINT product enables analysts to reveal easily any target’s digital footprint and monitor trends on social networks. Open Source analysis is one of the key feature for our customers as it provides actionable intelligence in a very short time.

Cellular Behavior Analysis

Tactical voice interception from mobile phones is one of the major current challenges for law enforcement agencies. Our Technologies offer a complete range of products that can catch, intercept and manipulate smartphones. From 2G to 4G, passively or actively, we design and customize each one of our solutions according to our customers’ requirements.